Heritage & Bloom

Heritage & Bloom is a small batch accessories company that unearths the beauty of becoming. We exist to empower women to embrace their unique story through thoughtful and approachable designs.

We believe the beauty of becoming means allowing yourself to simply become who you truly are. There is strength in embracing our roots to better understand the path we are on, so we can navigate our future steps with clarity and grace.
We exist to remind you to be who you are. To bloom beautifully. As you are. 


Seek and create beauty
Stop to smell the roses. The inspired are inspiring. We believe in taking the time to pause and appreciate beauty in whatever form it strikes you. We believe in taking that inspiration and manifesting that magic in our own beautiful way.
Kindness matters
A simple act of kindness goes a long way. A warm smile. A genuine compliment. Lending a helping hand when needed without expecting anything in return. We believe kindness can be used as a powerful tool in the face of adversity and darkness.
Faith despite fear
No one is exempt from fear. But we all have the power and strength within us to harness courage in the face of fear. We believe in trusting our abilities and in every experience that has brought us to this point, and to keep moving ourselves forward with confidence and conviction.
Keep showing up
The most beautiful act we can do for ourselves, our craft, and others is to keep showing up, especially when we harbor feelings of comparison, fear, and self-worth. We trust the path we are on and believe in staying dedicated and determined.
Collaborate our differences
Each of us have been placed here for a unique purpose with a unique perspective and story to share. We believe in accepting our identity first, and then connecting and supporting each other through healthy dialogue, awareness, and empowerment.
Contact: info@heritageandbloom.com