The Rebrand

Why a rebrand?

If you've followed me since my Flower Crown Society days, thank you. I am so grateful you've chosen to continue following me as I navigate and pivot into this new brand. Flower Crown Society (FCS) began about 6 years ago as a fun hobby. It started as a platform where I could creatively express myself through fun accessories in the midst of mundane corporate life and to feed my inner desire to collaborate with others. I am forever grateful for the journey that FCS has led me on and the most wonderful human beings I have had the privilege of encountering and working with. My mission with FCS was to empower women to feel brave and beautiful while wearing one of my pieces. While the heart of that mission still exists in Heritage & Bloom, I now believe in adding a fundamental step to this approach: to be more introspective about our unique identity and to embrace ourselves on an inner level first. We can move confidently and gracefully in our future steps when we recognize and appreciate the path it took to get us here to the present. As I personally continued to grow and evolve, I knew I wanted a shift in my brand because, after all, it was an extension of myself. The dreaming, brainstorming, and longing for a new name took a little over a year, but it came to me just like when Flower Crown Society hit me: organically, perfectly, and with a touch of magic.

Behind the name 

I remember the exact moment the name came to me. I was reading “If You Leave Me” by Crystal Hana Kim (I was on a Korean historical fiction kick). While reading about some of the historical events, I couldn’t believe how little I knew of my own background and ethnicity. I faced negative emotions of shame and guilt, but I felt something that outweighed the two: conviction. I had kept the word “bloom” in my back pocket for the rebrand because if you know me, I LOVE flowers (more on that later but I can tell you my Korean name is “rose” and flowers have always held a special place in my heart) and knew I wanted to incorporate it into my new brand. The word “heritage” came to me while reading the book and I took the time to pause and put the two together. As soon as I said it to myself and then aloud to my husband who was reading next to me, it felt...right. Heritage & Bloom. It was a collaboration of the old and the new, the fundamental and the ephemeral. It called upon history and fanfared the history makers. It assured me that I had a story that started long before me, but that I was still writing my own. I loved imagining that through this new brand, I could commit myself to embark on a personal journey of cultural discovery that I could also invite others in and challenge them to do the same. Equipped with a desire to approach history with honor and respect and a boldness to reinterpret and re-imagine, Heritage & Bloom was born.