Heritage Collections
Going against the grain of fast fashion seasonal collections, my aim with HERITAGE collections is that they can be enjoyed year-round. My approach is to focus on historical Korean elements to not only increase personal education and awareness, but to result in more thoughtful and timeless pieces that can be enjoyed by others.

Bloom Collections
Where is the BLOOM collection? I have a few amazing ideas and collaborations up my sleeve for a special first release of the BLOOM collection. Stay up to date on Instagram and be the first to hear about it via email!
Clay & Brass Collections
For the whole year of 2019, I allowed myself to learn and share a new craft: polymer clay jewelry. It was a beautiful and liberating year of discovering and perfecting a new medium. While I have big dreams to keep my HERITAGE and BLOOM collections consistent and cohesive, I've decided to release myself to continue playing with new designs and to share my favorites with you.