Taegeukgi History

"The TAEGEUKGI is the official flag of South Korea and represents the eternal struggle to find peace. In simple and elegant fashion, it does not assume that peace is easily attainable, but rather portrays a continuing cycle of seasons represented by the four trigrams on each corner of the flag. The red and blue TAEGEUK in the center represents full harmony between calm and chaos, surrounded by the trigrams that convey the seasons that cycle to achieve it.

The entire flag is representative of the tension between sets of opposites. Obviously, the TAEGEUK in the center achieves that, but the trigrams also sit on opposite ends as well. The trigram on the top left represents HEAVEN while the trigram on its opposite on the bottom right represents EARTH; the trigram on the bottom left represents FIRE while its opposite on the top right represents WATER. They are also representative of different seasons, directions, family structure, and values.

The tensions are not there to be demonstrative of the state of Korea, but rather that they are elemental to achieving harmony. This is represented by the white background, conveying the Korean affinity for purity and peace, the canvas on which all the elements of the flag are contained. In this way, then, everything that is done - whether calm or chaotic, parallel or opposite, historic or hopeful - is the Korean pursuit to find balance."

-a short summary beautifully written by Kit Song, Allison's hubby <3